Elections! 2015 Meeting #12

This week we're electing next year's officers! If you're a dues paying member, please attend this important meeting and vote or email us at campusfreethinkersgt@gmail.com to arrange an absentee ballot. If you would like to run for the presidency or one of the three officer positions, please announce your candidacy on Facebook. Be prepared to speak for up to one minute to convince attendees to elect you, and also submit a request for entrance music via Facebook or email. We have a few things to talk about after the elections, mostly regarding the events listed below. Stick around to help plan our events in the closing weeks of the term! Elections are on Tuesday, April 7 at 6:30 pm in the Instructional Center Room 205. Note that this is room 205, not room 105.

Indiana's Religious Freedom Law: 2015 Meeting #11

This week we discuss Indiana's controversial religious freedom law, its intent, its effects, and its long term consequences. It also appears we'll have some guests this week, so let's welcome them with open arms! We're back to meeting in the usual room at the usual place. That's the Instructional Center Room 105 on Tuesday, March 31 at 6:30 p.m. Remember to always check the meeting announcement to be sure where we're meeting every week.

Transhumanism: 2015 Meeting #10

Welcome back everyone! This week's meeting is at the usual day and time, but in a different location. That's the Instructional Center Room 205 on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. As always, there will be snacks. The coming decades and centuries will see enormous advances in human augmentation and life extension technologies which will lead to fundamental changes in the human condition. Do you look forward to these changes? How do you think they will effect us? Will a wealthy cabal of unstoppable transhumans dominate the world and establish a new feudalism? Will we find ourselves in a utopian dreamscape of deathless beings free of want or fear? This week we consider these questions.

Child Sex Robots: 2015 Meeting #9

We're meeting tonight in the usual time and place! That's the Instructional Center Room 105 at 6:30 p.m. As for the topic of discussion, that's still to be determined. Top contenders are pedophilia (although there didn't seem to be much contention in the Facebook discussion) and the recent murder of a Muslim family by an atheist (although there is a more qualified party interested in talking about that some other week). So what do you all think? Are child sex robots, potential atheist hate crimes, or something else your preferred topic for tonight? Let us know below, and the announcement will be made before the meeting.

Define "Person": 2015 Meeting #8

This week we discuss a semantic issue with serious and widespread importance. In short, what is a person? What are the criteria for deciding what one is? Dogs and cats, chimps and dolphins, advanced AI and extraterrestrials, vegetative patients and human fetuses: are any of these people, and how do we know? Come discuss these issues this Tuesday night in the Instructional Center Room 105.

Autonomous Vehicles: 2015 Meeting #7

The advent of autonomous vehicles is rapidly approaching, and there are a lot of benefits, and issues, to be figured out. With Google planning to have a fully functioning system ready between 2017 and 2020, the legal ramifications have scarcely been addressed by law makers, and the social impacts could be huge. Come discuss these issues this Tuesday night in the Instructional Center Room 105.

Darwin Day Guest Speaker!

In a belated celebration of Darwin Day, we're going to have a special guest speaker! This week we'll be hosting Georgia Tech professor Dr. Will Ratcliff to talk about evolutionary biology. That's Tuesday, February 17 at 6:30 pm in the Instructional Center Room 105.

Darwin Day Special Meeting!

Next week on February 12 is Darwin Day, a time to celebrate one of the most important theories in the history of Science, and this year we're having a special guest speaker! We'll be hosting Georgia Tech professor Dr. Will Ratcliff to talk about evolutionary biology. That's Thursday, February 12 at 6 pm in the Instructional Center Room 219.

The Gospel of Wealth: 2015 Meeting #4

When all of our needs are met and even our wants are satisfied, how should our wealth be spent? Should one accumulate vast amounts of money and capital and sit upon the hoard like Smaug? If not, then to what purpose should we turn these resources? Upon our deaths, who is best fit to receive and make use of what we leave behind? Our children, a company, a charity, or the state? Billionaire industrialist Andrew Carnegie had answers to these questions, which he presented in an article known as the Gospel of Wealth. This Tuesday night, we discuss his ideas and our own. We meet in the Instructional Center Room 103.

Parental Control and Illogical Thinking: 2015 Meeting #3

With the recent rise in measles cases, it's become more and more evident that a parent's decision not to vaccinate their child puts the child, and the people around them, in danger. Is that right? How much say should a parent have over their child? How do we promote more educated decisions? Come discuss these questions at this week's meeting! That's tonight: Tuesday, December 27 at 6:30 pm in the Instructional Center Room 103.

Science and Ethics: 2015 Meeting #2

This week we'll be discussing Science and the limits of what should be done to pursue it. What is ethical, and what is unethical? Do potential benefits offset potential moral and ethical hazards? What is the most questionable thing you would condone in the name of Science? Come discuss these questions at this week's meeting! Please note that we have a small change of venue this week. We will be meeting in the Instructional Center Room 103. That's the same building as last time, but a different room. The meeting is at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, December 19.

First Meeting of 2015!

Our first meeting of 2015 is Tuesday, January 13 at 6:30 pm in the Instructional Center Room 211. That's the same day and time as in the Fall, but a new location. We have a few things to take care of at this meeting, the first of which is distributing T-Shirts! If you're a dues paying member your shirt is free. If not, it'll be $10. As for the discussion topic, we have two of them. First we'll be talking about a potential demonstration in memory of the Charlie Hebdo attack. This would be controversial and offensive to many, and in the worst case could be dangerous to those involved, so it bears serious discussion as a group. On a lighter note we'll be talking about our holiday experiences and what it was like for some of us to spend time at home. Do your families celebrate Christmas? Hanukah? Something else? Do you join in those celebrations, or not? Stop by to share your experiences and hear about others at this week's meeting.

Eugenics and You! aka s*** Richard Dawkins Says: Fall 2014 Meeting #15

It's our last meeting of the year, and we're talking about eugenics! The motivation for this is a (somewhat) recent controversy over a comment by Richard Dawkins on Twitter. Someone raised a concern about what they should do if they found out their baby would be born with Down's Syndrome. Richard Dawkins responded: "Abort it and try again. It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice." What do you think of this statement? What do you think about the somewhat related topic of eugenics and the genetic improvement of the human species? Come discuss these issues for the last time this year. That's Tuesday, December 2 at 6:30 pm in D.M. Smith Room 304. As always, we will have baked goods!

Non-aggression Principle: Fall 2014 Meeting #14

This week we'll be talking about the foundation of libertarian philosophy. That's the non-aggression principle, which is the moral stance that aggression is inherently illegitimate. Want to know more about the applications of this, and how it informs libertarian philosophy? Want to criticize it on the grounds that it precludes taxation? Come discuss these issues at our usual time and place. That's Tuesday, November 25 at 6:30 pm in D.M. Smith Room 304. As always, we will have snacks!

T-Shirts/Mystery Meeting: Fall 2014 Meeting #13

This week we're voting on this year's t-shirt design! Be sure to stop by if you want your vote to count, and if you're a dues paying member please fill out the survey linked in the comments so we know what size shirt to order for you. As for this week's meeting topic, we're keeping that a mystery until tonight. Voting may take awhile, so it'll be something we can talk about briefly or at length, depending on how much time we have left. The meeting is tonight at our usual time and place. That's Tuesday, November 18 at 6:30 pm in D.M. Smith Room 304. As always, we will have baked goods!p>

Feminism: Fall 2014 Meeting #12

We have an interesting and important subject for this week's meeting. We'll be talking about feminism. Specifically, we'll have an introduction to what feminism is, the major feminist movements placed in the larger historical context (first, second, and third waves), different schools of thought (radical, liberal, Marxist, etc.), and often misinterpreted concepts such as anti-pornography, anti-prostitution, and trans-exclusionism. If we have time, we'll also talk about the place of feminism in the atheist community. Come discuss these issues at our usual time and place. That's Tuesday, November 11 at 6:30 pm in D.M. Smith Room 304. As always, we will have snacks!

Basic Income: Fall 2014 Meeting #11

At this week's meeting, we discussed the Basic Income. That's the proposal for a guaranteed, unconditional income to every citizen. Would this serve as an effective replacement for traditional welfare programs? Would people still have sufficient incentive to do work? Could this ever be implemented in the United States, and should we even have a social safety net in the first place? The discussion actually started a before the meeting did. Just having everyone in a room with this topic in the air was enough for the chaos to begin.

Halloween Movie Night!

A lot of us were busy on Halloween night, but those who were free met up in D.M. Smith Room 304 to watch a horror movie! We viewed "Night of the Living Dead (1968)" on Netflix. A few people even came in costume!

Ask an Atheist Day: Halloween Edition!

After a lot of logistical issues and a change of day and location, we were finally prepared for our Halloween tabling event! We set up in the Student Center on Thursday, October 30 from 10 am to 3 pm to answer questions and gave out candy Trick or Treat style! It was a fun event for everyone.

Terror and the Supernatural: Fall 2014 Meeting #10

It's the week of Halloween and we had a special, seasonally appropriate meeting topic. That is, we talked about the source of human fear of the unknown and the supernatural. Why do we harbor irrational fears, and can reason alone overcome them? We prompted the discussion with a relevant video from Youtube, then almost immediately went off on a bunch of unrelated tangents. Nothing unusual for this group, of course.

Nuclear Options: Fall 2014 Meeting #9

This discussion we focused on two closely related subjects: nuclear weapons and nuclear power. Specifically, we discussed whether or not these technologies are worth having. Is there any justification for having a nuclear arsenal? Could there ever be a use for them? What about nuclear power plants? Are they a good option for powering our civilization, or are they too dangerous?

God and Morality: Fall 2014 Meeting #8

This week we had a joint meeting with Why Should I Believe?, Georgia Tech's Christian apologetics organization. We discussed the relationship betwen religion and morality, similar to a debate we had a few years back with the group Ratio Christi. Can there be objective morality without God? Or even with God? Does this have any impact on whether or not we should believe? The discussion filled the meeting time and continued on for some time afterwards. The topic has such breadth and depth that it may end up being revisited later in the year.

Tuesday Social Night!: Fall 2014 Unofficial Meeting

Since we still had the room reserved on Tuesday and at least a few of our members were still on campus, we had an unofficial meeting at the usual time and place. It was a minor social event, a time to casually chat with (or viciously pontificate at) our fellow Freethinkers. A few people played Magic the Gathering and the rest meandered their way through a wide range of interesting discussions.

Religious Backgrounds and Experiences 2: Fall 2014 Meeting #7

We ran out of time last week in our discussion of our religious backgrounds and experiences, so we picked up right where we left off! Since most of our members already shared their stories, this meeting focused on broader questions of religious belief and how people gain or lose, maintain or go without faith in their lives.

Religious Backgrounds and Experiences: Fall 2014 Meeting #6

We met again tonight at the usual time and place after the topic was finally chosen! We focused on religion this time. More particularly, we explored the religious backgrounds of our members, how their religious views (or lack thereof) have changed over time, and how their religious experiences have affected their lives. It was a much more personal sort of discussion, with each of our members detailing how they were raised (with or without faith) and how they got to where they are now. We ran out of time before seriously discussing the issues that came up, which will hopefully be made up for at a later date.

ISIS: Fall 2014 Meeting #5

This week we discussed the Islamic State, previously known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. After carving out a fledgling state in the Middle East, declaring itself the new Caliphate, beheading an American journalist, being denounced by Al Qaeda for its extremist views, and beheading two more American journalists, the obvious questions have been raised. What, if anything, should be done? Should the West intervene and destroy ISIS? Should the US act unilaterally? Would air power be sufficient, or would a ground offensive be required? The recent US led missile strikes on ISIS targets in Syria were the primary topic of discussion, with little consensus on whether the US should be engaging ISIS militarily.

Automation and Labor: Fall 2014 Meeting #4

This week we talked about the economic challenges of the near future, when most jobs disappear due to automation. How will we deal with the lack of job opportunities for the people that need money the most? Will we have to shift towards Marxism and adopt a guaranteed basic income or redefine our model of capitalism?

Online Piracy: Fall 2014 Meeting #3

Great news for our Freethinkers! A consistent day, time, and place have been locked in for our meetings this Fall. That would be on Tuesday from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm in D.M. Smith Room 304. This week we talked about online privacy and piracy with examples such as video, TV, and music downloads and the recently released celebrity nude photos.

Torture: Fall 2014 Meeting #2

Last week we discussed cannibalism and incest, but we didn't have time to talk about torture. We made up for that this week by giving the topic its own meeting. What qualifies as torture? Is torture effective and, most importantly, should it ever be used? We discussed these questions at length, using the plot of the movie Unthinkable as an example of a situation where some might deem torture acceptable. Most members present condemned torture as a general practice, questioning its effectiveness and ethicallity. Despite this, the majority did not object to the specific situation of torture presented in the movie. The time sensitive nature of the information required, the enormous cost of failing to obtain it, and the open admission of guilt by the suspect tipped the balance for many.

First Meeting of Fall 2014!

Our first meeting of the Fall term included an introductory presentation for the benefit of new members, followed by discussion on cannibalism and incest. Both topics sparked extended debate with many members arguing that, so long as all parties are consenting adults, both practices are acceptable. Others raised issues ranging from health and hygiene to a parent's responsiblity to their children.

Last Meeting of Spring 2014!

This was our final meeting of the Spring 2014 term, and it was filmed by CNN! It was another series of rapid fire topics, focusing on recent legislation passed by the Georgia legislature.

Meeting #23

For the first time in recent memory, we actually had a meeting about religion! We see the destruction that religion causes just about ever week in the news, whether it's yet another instance of political oppression or a terrorist attack or something similar. Many argue that these "extremists" are twisting the words of the holy books. Are they, or are they just taking their religion seriously? Should repeated patterns of violence make us treat our religious neighbors with suspicion? How can we maintain a tolerant society while maintaining appropriate levels of caution? This was a divisive issue for a group of secularists.

Meeting #22

Tonight, whilst some of our members were off watching Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson give his talk at Georgia Tech, the rest of us were engaging in Campus Freethinkers' most feared debate: Free Will vs. Determinism! Could debate that can swallow up hours or days of time be even partially explored in a 45 minute meeting? Sort of. We tackled this most difficult of philosophical questions by getting right to the basics to form a foundation for this argument. Define 'free will'. Define 'determinism'. Define 'choice'. Define 'person'. Define 'mind'. Define 'reality'. Define 'is'. Oops. Out of time. Come back next year when we do it all over again!

Meeting #21

Tonight we held officer elections! Three positions and the presidency were up for grabs, and six candidates applied to run for them. After brief introductions by the candidates, our members voted and we now know who will be leading Campus Freethinkers next year! Good luck to all of our new officers. We know (or hope) you'll do a great job!

Meeting #20

ANARCHY! No, not the thing that always happens after the meetings end. That was our topic this week! One of our members made the case for anarchy, and the invalidation of the state as a moral concept. For possibly the first time ever, we defined certain critical terms such as 'state', 'anarchy', and 'government'. This made the ensuing conversation go much more smoothly. Unfortunately, we forgot to define 'force'. About half of the subsequent arguments revolved around doing so.

Meeting #19

This Tuesday was Game Night! Instead of our usual, formal meeting format we had an informal social event and played various games together. Or rather, we intended to play various games together. We had people bring Magic the Gathering decks, Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples, and more. In addition, we intended to try playing chess as a group using the Twitch Plays Pokemon rules. Instead, we just played Cards Against Humanity for the whole meeting before most of us headed off to Geek Trivia Night. The conclusion drawn from this meeting? There's nothing you'd hate to find in your breakfast cereal more than heartwarming orphans.

Ask an Atheist Day

This was the most important Ask an Atheist Day we have ever held, as it was filmed by representatives of CNN who are working on a documentary piece about atheism. If ever there were a chance for our efforts as a group to make a difference, this was it. We were glad for the opportunity!

Meeting #18

For this week's meeting, we did a rapid-fire series on family and children's issues, including but not limited to determining rational approaches to the issues of incest, circumcision, passing genetic diseases onto your kids, child labor, exposing kids to secondhand smoke, and public breastfeeding. Each of these could have been a meeting topic all on its own, so condensing them to a few minutes each made the discussions rather tense. Godwin's Law was naturally fulfilled at several points, and it was a fun meeting all around.

Meeting #17

Even Snowpocalypse 2.0 couldn't stop Campus Freethinkers! After three weeks of delay we're back on schedule. Tonight we discussed self defense, with a particular focus on the case of Kelly Thomas. What are the bounds of proper self defense? Can you morally defend yourself against actual and/or potential threats? Can you defend yourself against the police? Was Kelly Thomas beaten to death by police brutality, or was it a freak accident brought on by his resisting arrest? What should he and the officers have done differently?

Meeting #16

Tonight we had a very special meeting! Bill Nye the Science Guy and Answers in Genesis CEO Ken Ham went head to head to debate the merits of Evolution vs. Creationism, and we got to watch it live via streaming! One might expect a group of secularist students at an engineering school to fall heavily in support of Bill Nye in such a debate...and one would be right! As a group we noted some weakpoints in Bill Nye's presentation, but found his performance overall to be stunning, expecially when contrasted with his competition!


Ask an Atheist Day

Campus Freethinkers set up a table in the Student Center once again, and just in time too! Snowpocalypse 2014 hit the Atlanta area shortly thereafter, shutting down the city for several days.

Meeting #15

Tonight we discussed artificial intelligence, with the topic facilitated by one of our officers. We were presented firstly with some of the more recent progress towards achieving artificial intelligence, made more interesting given that some of our members have had experience in this field. We were then posed the long established and long debated moral dilemma. Were we to create an artificially intelligent machine, would it be a person? Would it have rights? A minority of those present made the case that no, they would not be people and no, they would not have rights. Why? Because then we couldn't use them for forced labor. We should draw a sharp line between humans and nonhumans, considering the former people and the latter not. The majority of those present opposed this position, noting that if we can look at one intelligent thing and convince ourselves that it isn't a person, there isn't much stopping us from doing that to other intelligent things, like certain groups of people.

First Meeting of 2014

At this week's meeting, we attempted to demonstrate how totally rational people can make obvious mistakes in logic and judgement. Our brains have a tendency to think too fast or too slow, a fact that we took advantage of. Hopefully, members will be able to use the mistakes they made to adjust their biases in the future and avoid making similar mistakes.

Last Meeting of 2013

Tonight we talked about the holiday season, and all of the issues which arise from this most wonderful (or soul crushing) time of year. Did Europeans have no right to steal Native American land, or were they justified in taking some lands? Do you say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? Is Black Friday a celebration of our economy or an unhealthy worship of consumerism? All in all, a great discussion to end the year on.

Meeting #12

Tonight we talked about art. What is art? How do we define it, create it, evaluate it? Is Jackson Pollock's work art? What about those sculptures they put up all over campus? After a long discussion, the consensus seemed to be that if you call something art, then it is art. That doesn't mean that its good art, of course.

Meeting #11

Campus Freethinkers tried out a game tonight. We call it "Name that Logical Fallacy". We can generally tell when there is something wrong with an argument, but identifying the exact problem can be more difficult. This exercise was intended both to entertain and to practice at picking apart claims to get at the fundamental problems, building, as Carl Sagan put it, an integral part of our bologna detection kit.

Meeting #10

This week's meeting was a little different. Instead of discussing a topic by itself, we performed a bit of a thought experiment. Hypothetically, if you could do just one thing - pass one law, make one change, convince the world of one premise - what would that be? We each were given time to ponder this, after which we paired off to discuss our ideas. Each pair then chose the better of their two ideas. We then moved onto groups, and so on, until only three ideas remained standing, the best plans we could come up with to improve the world. These were:


We took each of these ideas, which were fleshed out in more detail than presented above, and ranked them based on the following criteria.


In the end, we decided to terraform Mars. The reason? It's more feasible than convincing every human on Earth to think rationally. Oh, and the originator of this idea received a $10 Amazon gift card, an incentive to come up with good ideas.

Meeting #9

This week we discussed Hell Houses, places similar to haunted houses except that they're put on by fundamentalist Christians, and the imagery is of people being tortured in Hell. The issue? Some people bring their children there. Is it right to expose young children to that sort of gratuitous horror? Is it any of our business what the parents do? What responsibilities do parents have with regards to their children, what kinds of ideas and imagery should they expose them to, and what forms of discipline are acceptable for children? We reached a consensus on at least one point: don't kill your children. As for everything else, there was a divergence in viewpoints.

Meeting #8

This week we talked about evolution, the discussion being led by a knowledgeable CF member. What, precisely, is it? What is it not? Why do we know that it is true? What are the problems with the arguments against it? For a group of students majoring in everything else but biology, it was an interesting conversation which we rarely get to have.

Our Response to Hate Speech on Campus

It happens every year. Like clockwork, during Pride Week, Georgia Tech is visited by a fervently anti-LGBT group of Christians. They spend the day, or three days, in Georgia Tech's free speech zone shouting hate filled rhetoric, quoting the bible, bashing gays and others, and holding up inflammatory and offensive signs.


What was the response of Campus Freethinkers to this hate filled invasion of our beloved campus? For the first time, we were forced to assemble the Emergency Skeptic Squad [sic], coverge on the scene, and...play Street Preacher Bingo with the people who came by to watch.


Perhaps more impressive than our own response was the rapid and spectacular response of the rest of the Georgia Tech community. It is really amazing to see so many people, straight and gay, Christian and atheist, stand side by side and tell hate mongering crazy people in one voice, "You're hate mongering crazy people. Stop spreading nonsense and start doing something productive."


Observatory Night

Did you know that Georgia Institute of Technology has an observatory? Well, it does! The physicist in charge of the observatory agreed to host members of Campus Freethinkers and give us a tour of the heavens. It was a beautiful night with clear skies, about as good as you can get in the middle of Atlanta. Our members got to view a double star system, the Ring Nebula, and the planet Uranus among other objects, with a particularly stunning look at Earth's Moon. An interesting discussion ensued with the professor afterwards. If Earth didn't have a moon as big and beautiful and visible as ours, where would our science be? Would we have advanced as far as we have without the Moon? It has been a valuable research subject, proving many important facts about the universe. It seems we're lucky to have it there.


Meeting #7

Freethinkers Movie Night! On Tuesday evening, we met in the usual spot. Instead of having a discussion topic, though, we watched Collision: Christopher Hitchens vs. Douglas Wilson. This film is essentially a compilation of scenes from a series of debates between prominent antitheist Christopher Hitchens and Christian speaker Douglas Wilson, heavily edited and set to background music. The music itself was met with mixed results by those attending. Hearing Christopher speak while backed up by rap music was perceived as entertaining at least, while the use of rock music near the beginning seemed out of place to some. Amongst the strongest criticisms from our members were of Christopher Hitchens, who failed to properly answer his opponent's question of "Where do you get your morality from?". The response from some other of our members? He probably did answer, but the answer was hidden beneath the shoddy editing job. Also, there was Papa Johns pizza!

GT Coming Out Week

On Monday, October 17 Georgia Tech's LGBT groups came together for an event on Skiles Walkway in support of LGBT rights and to support LGBT students in coming out. Also invited to participate were some of Georgia Tech's LGBT friendly student organizations, including Campus Freethinkers. We were more than happy to show our support. Also, in the event that we receive another visit from the anti-LGBT, "God Hates Fags" type street preachers in response to Pride Week, we will be mobililizing the Emergency Skeptic Squad (name pending approval) and playing Street Preacher Bingo with other bystanders. It's almost something to look forward to.


Ask an Atheist Day

On Friday, October 4 Campus Freethinkers tabled Skiles Walkway. From 11am to 2pm, some of our atheist members were available to answer questions and open up conversation with curious passersby. Among the highlights were a forty-five minute conversation with a group of passing Christians and a woman near the end of the day who gave an alternative account of the Exodus and the parting of the Red Sea. It involved volcanoes.

Meeting #6

We discussed transhumanism and Google Calico. The former is the philosophy of using science and reason to fundamentally improve the human condition and exceed the existing limitations inherent to being human. The latter is a new company being formed by Google in order to combat aging and related diseases. After a presentation by a CF member, the discussion centered on prospects for human life extension and the consequences of such world altering advances. Will the world become quickly overpopulated? Will humanity stagnate? Interesting questions that led to interesting discussion.

Meeting #5

Officer elections were held, and the position has finally been filled! This meeting's topics were "Sovereign Citizens" and the idea that people can "opt out" of government. A presentation by our club president focused on groups of conspiracy theorists with strange ideas (to say the least) about what government is, what government does, and why our names are capitalized on government documents. We came to the conclusion, though not quite unanimously, that these people are probably insane.

Meeting #4

Nominations were taken for the recently vacated officer's position! Voting will take place very soon. In addition, we watched an episode of Penn and Teller's "Bull****!". In short, Penn and Teller took prominent religious figures (Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and the Dalai Lama) who are generally revered even amongst secularists and revealed little known but horrible facts about them which portray them as being very far from the moral paragons we commonly view them as. What followed the video was a long and lively discussion amongst CF members about how valid Penn and Teller's criticisms are, how much of their claims are verified, and what this implies for our perceptions of them.

Tabling Event

Campus Freethinkers tabled Skiles Walkway! From 11am to 2pm on 13 September, CF members had a table set up with a wonderful sign and stacks of informational items graciously provided by the Secular Student Alliance. We promoted Campus Freethinkers, recruited a few new members, and held fascinating discussions with passersby on everything from secularism to physics to firearms (all interesting subjects, whatever your stance on them).

Meeting #3

After being kicked around for a few weeks whenever someone wanted to commandeer our meeting place, we have finally settled comfortably into Mason 3133. This meeting began with a wonderful presentation by a CF member on alternative sexualities (such as polyamory, BDSM, and others) and events and organizations working to promote acceptance for them. The main meeting topic concerned online privacy and related topics, such as the NSA's online surveillance programs. This included another thought provoking and informative presentation, this time by our club president.

Meeting #2

Campus Freethinkers members discussed their experiences at both the Secular Student Alliance's annual convention and DragonCon, which has a dedicated skeptic track. Afterwards, those present at the meeting were prodded for feedback and to provide suggestions for what they would like Campus Freethinkers to do more (or less) of this year.

First meeting of the year!

An introduction to Campus Freethinkers was provided for the benefit of new members, after which the discussion was diverted to baby farming. That is, we discussed a situation in which a family conceived a second child in the hope that this child could be a donor to their first child, thus providing a cure to that child's affliction. Needless to say, this discussion got interesting quickly.